Accounting Services


Accounting Services

There comes a point in every successful business where there is a choice to make: do you bury yourself with numbers and distract from the bigger picture, or do you trust your accounting to someone else?

From that point, you have to decide if you want to outsource your accounting completely or hire someone from within? First, we believe that the only way for your business to grow and prosper is if you do what you do best: run your company.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to turn your financial information over to someone either outside the business or one person who becomes the gatekeeper. Accounting isn’t just about payroll and taxes, it is the information that you need to make sound business decisions. Therefore, it should not only be organized and recorded but also accessible to everyone who could benefit from having real-time numbers.


Our packages were created to simplify things, not make them more complex. We aren’t about signing yearly contracts, hidden fees, or add-ons; we are all about making the information accessible to everyone who needs it via technology.

At Current Accounting, we believe that our services will make your life so much easier that you can choose to stay with us, so we don’t feel the need to lock you in.

Current Accounting offers three different approaches to your accounting needs. We are not just a one-and-done type of service.

Which package is best for you really depends on how much assistance you want overall, your current challenges, and your vision for the future.

Outsourced Accounting

Our outsourced accounting package was primarily designed to help small business owners who need an extra hand with their accounting system.

Fractional CFO

Our Fractional CFO package includes everything listed in our Outsourced Accounting and Project-Based package plus the higher-level oversight.

Project-Based Accounting

For businesses that feel they have a firm grasp on their accounting already but are looking to make strategic, more one-time changes, we offer a project based solution for you.

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